• Hacking homeless hunger.

    Say that three times fast.


    UNSUNG is the app for ending hunger in America, creating everyday superheroes. The "sharing economy" has never been this awesome.


    Careful, your cape is showing.

  • What is Unsung?

    We give communities the tools to redistribute existing abundance to those who need it the most.

    "I am hungry"

    - 49 million Americans

    Most people don’t think about food. It’s just something that is always around. So it can be hard to wrap your head around the fact that 49 million people in the United States live in hunger.

    "I have extra food"

    - Grocers, Restaurants, Catering

    The US discards over $500 billion dollars worth of food every year. Those with extra food simply log into the Unsung app and let us know what you have available.

    "I want to help!"

    - You & Me!

    Want to deliver for us and use your super powers to help fight hunger? Sign up to drive on your schedule. Unsung is on when you’re on. Hunger doesn’t take a break, and neither do we.

  • Imagine a Live-Feed that solves hunger.

    Unsung is the sharing economy app to feed 49 million Americans using the $500bn we throw away in food.

  • Every meal donated is seen on the Live Feed.

    You will view good deeds being done in your community in real time. In fact, users of the Unsung platform earn badges and points for helping out which lets us celebrate our most active members on the leaderboards.


    This does two things.


    First, when you have people competing against each other for who can do the most good, everyone wins. And secondly, you can view those doing the most good in your neighborhood and tip them directly. No wondering where your donation went. Browse the Unsung Heroes in your community, view pics of donated meals, and reward them directly for being awesome.


    Hunger in the United States is an enormous problem. Unsung leverages the sharing economy and you so that we can soon say, “Hunger was an enormous problem.”