• The US throws away $500bn+ of food while 49 million Americans live in hunger.

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  • What is Unsung?

    This is the sharing economy to redistribute existing abundance to those who need it most.

    I'm Hungry

    - 49 million Americans

    Most people don’t think about food. It’s just something that is always around. So it can be hard to wrap your head around the fact that 49 million people in the United States live in hunger.

    I have extra food

    - Grocers, Restaurants, Catering​

    The US discards over $500 billion dollars worth of food every year. Those with extra food let nearby volunteers know when extra food is available for pickup.

    I want to help!

    - You and me!

    Everyday superheroes like yourself power the network's pickup and delivery. Unsung connects local volunteers with spontaneous food alerts, helping you do good on your schedule.

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