• Make the Pledge

    When everyone gives a small effort, it adds up to a whole lot.

  • What's pledging?

    You make a larger impact than you think.

    Unsung is based upon the idea that if everyone gives a little bit, it adds up to a whole lot. If everyone would deliver a few meals a month, the aggregate would be tremendous.

    Here's how it works.

    If you want to bring Unsung to your hometown, it starts with you. How often would you deliver a meal directly to someone who needs it? Once a month? Once a week? A few meals a week?


    Let us know and we'll put the wheels in motion to power your local network. Once your hometown receives enough pledges, we'll work with you to setup local establishments for meal pickups.

    "Does my meal really matter?"

    Every meal matters. And not in a cheesy, wishy-washy way. If for example, 15 people pledge to deliver just one meal a week, that's 780 meals a year! That's a lot of people getting fed that wouldn't otherwise.

    "What should I do after pledging?"